“Evil Fred (2)”
Season 1, Episode 1b
Evil Fred 6
Air Date

February 20, 2012


Drew Hancock


Jonathan Judge

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Evil Fred (1)


Fred the Teen Sitter

Evil Fred (2) is the conclusion to the two-part series premiere of Fred: The Show. It aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on February 20, 2012. In this episode, Fred finds out that it's not "Evil Fred" who's framing him--but it's Kevin! Now he needs to figure out 2 things: how to get others to find out about it and how to get revenge.

Plot SummaryEdit

Fred has found out that Kevin's commiting those crimes under Fred's name. He needs to figure out how to reveal this to others.

He gets all of the victims of "his" crimes together again and tells everyone that Kevin did all of that. They tell him to prove it. Earlier, he imagined that "Evil Fred" hypnotized Kevin into peeing his pants when he hears a code word. Fred says the word and when Kevin doesn't pee, Fred gets humilliated.

He is sent back to his room and his mom gives his tickets to Kevin. He makes a robot to substitute for him while he searched Kevin's room for evidence.


When he's in his room, he doesn't find any evidence, but he does find an idea: "If Kevin dressed up as Fred to do bad, he should dress up as Kevin to do good!" He goes outside dressed up as Kevin and offers to do good deeds for his neighbors.

When Kevin dressed up as Fred sees him and Kevin imitates Fred and he tells the whole neighborhood that Fred eats pieces of poop for breakfast and Fred imitates Kevin about his privacy which makes Kevin angry and he chases Fred, and they both run to Fred's house to tell Hilda on each other. But instead, she punishes them both for Kevin doing evil things while dressed up like Fred and for Fred leaving his room and he gets grounded, and they both end up having to rub her feet with lotion during the concert poor guys.


  • Lucas Cruikshank as Fred Figglehorn/Evil Fred
  • Jake Weary as Kevin
  • Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Hilda Figglehorn

Trivia Edit

  • When Kevin said to Hilda, " I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for your meddling kid!" it's the same quote reference to Scooby Doo.



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