Fred 3: Camp Fred
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Written by Drew Hancock
Directed by Jonathan Judge
Produced by Don Dunn
Based on Fred by Lucas Cruikshank
Starring Lucas Cruikshank
Jake Weary
Tom Arnold
Joey Bragg
Leah Lewis
Matthew Scott Miller
Adrian Kali Turner
Release Date July 28, 2012
Running Time 1h 20 m
Country United States
Language English
Previous Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred

"Fred 3: Camp Fred" is the third and final Fred film. This movie aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on July 28, 2012.


The film opens where Fred wakes up and he sings a song called 'The Best Day of School is the Last Day of School.' After the last day of school, Fred Figglehorn (Lucas Cruikshank) reveals his hopes to attend Camp Superior, a summer camp that is considered a paradise. Fred's hopes are dashed when he learns his mother is sending him to Camp Iwannapeepee because Camp Superior is expensive and Camp Iwannapeepee is cheap.

His mother forces him to go to Camp Iwannapeepee. Fred screamed at the bus until he reaches Camp Iwannapeepee. At camp Fred finds horrible. At Iwannapeepee, he meets head counselor Floyd Spunkmeyer (Tom Arnold), and a host of other campers, Magoo (Joey Bragg), Chatter (Matthew Scott Miller), Spoon (Leah Lewis), and Dig (Adrian Kali Turner), and is introduced to Oksana, a beautiful but inept nurse.


Avoiding the gruel, Fred instead eats hallucinogenic red berries. He then learns that rather than being drugged, the Iwannapeepee gruel has been laced with super vitamins. When he learns that his arch rival Kevin (Jake Weary) is on the team from Superior, Fred becomes determined to defeat the rival camp. During the contest, Kevin tries to sabotage Fred, but his plans fail against him and Camp Iwannapeepee finally wins. Fred's mom's new boyfriend is a pizza delivery guy.


Returning castEdit

Main castEdit

Supporting castEdit

Minor castEdit

  • Charlie Carver as Hugh
  • Simon Cowell as Himself
  • Steve Hytner as Camp Superior Counselor
  • Tracey Walter as Scary Gary


Fred 3 Camp Fred - Coming Soon

Fred 3 Camp Fred - Coming Soon