"Worst but most inappropriate movie ever not suitable for all ages." - Reviewer

What Is It All About?Edit

This homosexual guy Fred falls in love with Judy but she was taken away by Kevin! He goes on a very long journey where he try to avoid all temptations, and a few loved ones deaths. After he finally finds his girlfriend, he finds out that he has been cheating on him with some other men. He is so upset he goes with Kevin instead.

Parental GuidelinesEdit


Too much sex and nudity constantly mentioned. According to the reviewers "MY EYES!!!"


So many deaths. These violent scenes are too gory to watch. And one more thing: SO MUCH BLOOD!


Fred Figglehorn is a smoke-changer, his side-kick buddy is absolutely a drunkard and alchoholic, and his other side-kick is a high-drug dealer.


Extreeeeemly heavy-cussings!

Frightening/Intense Scenes Horror galore! Most scenes are too gruesome and intense to watch.

Ages Recommended

Adults only+ Rated X