Kevin-Judy Friendship
General Information
Nickname Jevin
Intimacy Level Unrequited Crushes; Best Friends
Started Friendship Before Fred: The Movie
Friendship Status Endgame

The friendship between Kevin and Judy is known as Jevin (Judy/Kevin). The friendship established before Fred: The Movie.

Jevin MomentsEdit

In Fred: The Movie, he is seen with Judy when Fred sees them together and assumes they're together. When Fred was being bullied by Kevin, Judy tells him to leave Fred alone. He doesn't though.

When Fred is imagining about them, he sees them in bathing suits (the picture above).

At the party, Judy is seen around Kevin when Fred arrives.

In the end, Kevin is seen looking at Judy very confusedly when she goes to Fred's house.


  • Most of their friendship took place primarily off-screen in the first film.

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