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About Fred: The Show

"Fred: The Show" is a new series on Nickelodeon which is centered on 17-year old Fred Figglehorn. It premiered on February 20, 2012. Fred was a series on YouTube created by Lucas Cruikshank that went viral. After being the first channel to have 1 million subscribers in 2009, Cruikshank filmed the first Fred film. Nick then launched a franchise around Fred and a sequel began pre-production. On December 1, 2011, Nick announced plans of a third film and a series to air on the channel. On March 14, 2012, less than a month after the series premiered, it was renewed for a 28-episode second season.

Previous Episode

Season 1, Episode 17: No Clue - When the class gerbil is found dead, Fred tries to find the murderer.

Latest Episode

Season 1, Episode 18: The Battle of Little Figglehorn - When Fred finds out he's moving to Alaska, he sets out to make his last day in Nebraska the best day ever.

Did You Know...

...that the show is set in Nebraska?
...that 2 Fred films aired before the series and a third is planned?
...that Rachel Crow (Starr) competed on The X-Factor?
...that Fred's YouTube channel has over 914 million views and 2.3 million subscribers?
...that Fred has 2 albums titled It's Hackin' Christmas With Fred and Who's Ready to Party?
...that Daniella Monet (Bertha) is also currently Trina on Victorious?
...that Stephanie Courtney (Kevin's Mom) is also Flo from the Progressive commercials?
...that Lucas Cruikshank (Fred), Jake Weary (Kevin), Daniella Monet (Bertha) and Rachel Crow (Starr) are currently filming Figure it Out?

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Next Episode

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Featured Character

Kevin is the 17-year old main antagonist of the Fred franchise. He treats others badly all the time. Even though he has the upper hand over others, it seems that a lot of people see him in a very negative light. Although he is mean-spirited, he shows a secret soft side and is afraid that'll someone will find out. He is also talented, as shown in the films that he can sing and dance. (Read more...)

Featured Episode

UltraMomma 2
UltraMomma is part two of the 7th episode of Fred: The Show. In this episode, Hilda calls in UltraMom, a reality show host to whip Fred into shape. This episode aired on April 25, 2012 as a part of "The Most Hackin' Week Ever!" event. Jake Weary as Kevin and Daniella Monet as Bertha were both absent in this episode.

Featured Quote
I'm taking a nap!

Hilda's catchphrase

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