Starr is a supporting character in Fred: The Show. She is seen to be his female counterpart, but unlike him, she's an incredible singer. She is seen as a normal teenaged girl with a flair for the dramatics. She is sassy, confident, and will never back down to anyone. She is portrayed by former The X-Factor contestant Rachel Crow.


Starr is singer and Fred's best friend. They meet in the hallway by complaining about the same and they both thinked the same. She seems like a caring friend and she is always there for Fred when he needs her.

Character HistoryEdit

In Class Election (1), She meets Fred while complaining. She helps him get ore votes than Kevin but fails after Fred gets angry because she's the one who wants to do everything for him. She competes against Fred and Kevin but they soon discover that she is giving money so that she can win.

In Class Election (2), Fred and Kevin discover that she actually was competing and giving money to people to vote for them. And she was the one that told Fred and Kevin to follow her for more secrets about Starr

In Flour Baby, she helps Fred take care of a bag of flour named Frarr.

In The Battle of Little Figglehorn, she helps Fred stand up to Kevin.


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