“The Expired Cow”
Season 1, Episode 2b
The Expired Cow
Air Date

February 24, 2012


Drew Hancock


Jonathan Judge

Episode Guide

Fred the Teen Sitter


Driver's Fred

The Expired Cow is the second part of the second episode of Fred: The Show. It aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on March 13, 2012. In this episode, Fred thinks an "expired cow" is out to destroy his Home Ec. project after he drinks some bad milk.

Plot SummaryEdit

In this episode Fred and Bertha are making a cake for a Home Ec. project, but when Fred drinks a glass of expired milk he thinks that an "expired cow" is put to destroy his Home Ec. project so he decides to battle him. "Steve the talking cookie" helps him train to battle. When the expired cow arrives Fred challenge the expired cow to a duel. Fred tells the cow if he wins he gets to destroy the cake but if Fred wins the cow would get out of his house and never come back again. Fred offers Jenga, twister, chess, break dancing and arm wrestling. The cow defeats him on everything and tries to destroy the cake by putting his hoof on the it in slow motion then "Alfredo" comes in and tells Fred to play the Trombone badly because bad Trumbone playing is his weakness. When Fred started to play the Trumbone badly the expired cow exploded. The next day, Bertha enters Fred's house to discover that Fred saved the cake, but she accidentally drops it and tells him that she made a back-up cake because she thought that he was going to ruin it.


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